Tracy Ferriss LLSCH, MCMA
Tracy is a Homeopath and Reflexologist of over twenty years experience. She attended the Practitioners School of Reflexology and The London School of Classical Homeopathy. She is a member of the Complementary Medical Association and Twickenham Art Circle.


Tracy Ferriss 


After thirteen years of working in local government, I left to pursue my interests in complementary health, art and music.

I offer Homeopathy, Reflexology and bLa Healing in Twickenham. I also hold Art Workshops and Electric Bass lessons.


In a typical Reflexology session, there is a short consultation to check for contraindications and then a pressure foot massage is applied on certain points on the feet. The session usually lasts for an hour. Reflexology can also be applied to the hands for a shorter time. Tracy uses low allergen and cruelty free products. For information on Reflexology Contra-indications see: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/why-reflexology-more-than-just-foot-rub-tracy-ferriss


The Homeopathic consultation is an individual and in depth, detailed assessment of health patterns, past health problems and family history. It is possible to discuss whether a change in lifestyle could be of healthful benefit to the client. The consultation provides a safe and confidential place to talk and an individual recovery program can be suggested to achieve a better sense of well being. The Homeopathic consultation is formulated in a reflective way and many clients enjoy having the time to talk and discuss their symptoms.

A homeopathic prescription is made and the remedy is either given at the end of consultation or posted after further research and repertorisation. A follow up is highly recommended to see how the client is progressing.

All clients must continue to take any medication that has been prescribed to them by their GP's and to maintain a good relationship with their medical providers.

For Homeopathic research details see http://facultyofhomeopathy.org/randomised-controlled-trials/
For one of my published articles, see e-journal Homeopathy For Everyone


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