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TAROT & The Power Animal Journey

I have studied the TAROT since my early teenage years and co designed a Homeopathic Tarot deck in 2018.

I offer Tarot Consultation and also teach how to consult and master this wonderful tool of self reflection. I offer a varied price scale to suit all pockets. I am a believer in the importance of self reflection and can show many methods that help stress or artistic blocks.

Another self exploratory technique is the Power Animal Journey.

Power Animals are animal spirit guides that we incorporate to give us strength and inspiration in life. 

Our power animal can help us through difficult times; we learn to identify with certain aspects of wildlife and nature, so that we can perceive and enhance our living world with a fresh perspective.
This journey is with acoustic instruments and guided visualisation for approximately 1 hour. 
Incense and a drumming technique will be used to induce a trance-like state. 
(This is not medicine and although attended by qualified healers, this is not recommended for those that have a nervous disorder or undergoing psychological treatment.)

The price range is from £50-100 depending venue and people. Please contact Tracy Ferriss for further information.

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