Trace with Bass

Sound and Bass

I started to play Electric Bass at the age of 15 years and have only just recently picked it up again. I was asked to teach and found that it rekindled my love for the sound. I have been offering hourly lessons on line. My approach is a practical one that enables you to get in touch with the scales and rhythms so that you can join in with jam sessions straight away. I like helping complete beginners and endeavor to encourage and inspire. 

Music and sound have healing qualities and I offer bLa Energy Healing which is applied to certain points around the body.

It is a non-invasive, meditative, healing technique, using tones sung aloud at each bLa point. bLa is believed to be connected with lunar energy and the aim is to achieve peace and healing. Traditional Tibetan Medicine has roots in Shamanism.

I incorporate bLa Energy Healing with Reflexology treatment to sustain myself and the patient.

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