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Jayney Goddard, President of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA), showcases longstanding member Tracy Ferriss and interview her about her practice. 
They discuss here the way in which Tracy combines Homeopathy and Reflexology for her clients and also the creation of her Homeopathic Tarot deck.


How to control hay fever with homeopathy

We all appreciate the smell of fresh cut flowers and newly mow grass but often our enthusiasm for getting outside is spoiled by the return of a hypersensitive reaction known as “Hay Fever”. Many usual products cannot be taken if operating machinery and some people shut themselves away in order to avoid the allergen. It really can spoil a picnic or holiday, even your night’s sleep, if these symptoms are severe. Some people say that eating live yogurt and a small amount of local honey each day helps the immunity. Vitamin C, Bromelain and Zinc supplements are beneficial and wearing sunglasses outside can prevent itchy eyes. A dab of shea butter or coconut oil around the nostrils can act as a physical barrier to pollen and an ioniser in the bedroom can help the atmosphere by emitting negative ions. Be mindful of where it is positioned as it can draw dust and pollen particles across the room towards the ioniser, so don’t have your bed in the line of fire! (Note: if pregnant or taking medication ask your GP first before trying some of these tips. ) Some Low Potency Homeopathic Remedies for Mild Hay Fever: (6c or 12x is recommended) Euphrasia 6c/12x – when itchy and watering eyes are the worse symptom ​Nux vom 6c/12x – when nose blocked at night and runny in day, photophobia, chilly ​Sabadilla 6c/12x – when sneezing is worse symptom, burning symptoms, Pulsatilla 6c/12x – right sided symptoms, changeable, dryness, wants cold drinks and fresh air ​Nat mur 6c/12x – symptoms are like a cold, craves salt, headache, runny nose, shivery Kali iod 6c/12x – sinus pain, green expectoration, thirsty, prefers cool air, raw larynx How to take a Homeopathic Remedy: You may take one pill under the tongue, three times a day, or if very bad, one every hour. ​ If after 6 tablets and there is no improvement whatsoever, you have the wrong remedy. Do not continue to take the same remedy but contact a Homeopath. Usually the correct remedy will start to work instantly; an incorrect remedy will do nothing at all. If addressing the symptoms with these remedies doesn’t seem to help, then an in depth consultation with a Homeopath would be the option for a more chronic, continued condition. Additionally, if there are other organs of the respiratory system involved such as the lungs or bronchial tubes, it would be wise to seek Homeopathic advice especially if other conventional medicines have also been prescribed.  Some allergies are complex and need to be addressed by a qualified Homeopath that can refer on if needed.

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The Reason Why They Call Homeopathy Witchcraft (and the reason why it isn’t…)

Homeopathy is a very popular form of complementary medicine, it has been around for over two hundred years and it is used all over the world. Sadly, there are people that negate its use and are very scathing in their detraction calling it quackery, snake oil or witchcraft. Homeopathy is nothing to do with Wicca or witchcraft and the accusations aimed at the profession and users of this medicine are incorrect. Many witches today or those that follow an esoteric tradition know and understand something called “sympathetic magic”. The idea is to align oneself with something similar to the required result, thereby encouraging the desired outcome. Although perhaps unknown to some devotees, this is referred to by those of a rationalist approach as “The Law of Similars”. Therein lies the fly in the ointment as the Law of Similars is often referred to in Homeopathy. Those that have studied Herbalism or Homeopathy will have also come across the term “Doctrine of Signatures”. The Doctrine of Signatures was an age old way of looking at herbs and medicine. It was believed that if a plant resembled a certain part of the body, it could be used to treat an illness of that particular organ.  It was perhaps a naïve but interesting beginning to the study of medicine. The Doctrine of Signatures and the Law of Similars lie at the origin of Herbalism and Homeopathy but of course, both therapies have developed and integrated further knowledge since the early apothecaries. The Law of Similars and the Doctrine of Signatures are often highlighted in the media and used to vilify those that practice natural healing. When studying or practising the art of Homeopathic medicine, one might give a nod to the herbalists of yesteryear; I am sure that Mother Nature still has a plethora of healing substances that we still have not yet utilised. Fungi and moss are currently in focus as they have useful qualities of absorption and help to re-establish natural balance in the environment, so why not in medicine? Research need not necessarily take place in laboratories but in back gardens, parks and grass verges across the country. Science is for everyone after all. So why, when and how did this ancient herb craft get mixed up with the Homeopathic remedies that we buy today from pharmacies and health food outlets? Many Homeopathic remedies are made from compounds or elements from the periodic table and some plant remedies are made from the tinctures of plants used in the herbal Materia Medica. Calendula officinalis and Valeriana officinalis are just two of the herbs known to have been used medicinally and remedies such as Kali sulphuricum and Ferrum phosphoricum are used both as tissue salts and as constitutional Homeopathic prescriptions. Understandably, the whole notion of a serial dilution that strengthens the efficacy of a Homeopathic remedy sounds preposterous but when the remedies are potentiated by vigorous shaking and agitation, this to me, it is no more miraculous than the potency of our brackish oceans, or the wonder of whale song or indeed the murmuration of starlings. An occurrence that cannot be truly explained is a phenomena; phenomena exists in nature, so why not in medicine too? Homeopathy reveres the law of nature and natural rhythm of life; it does not however, require faith. Witchcraft inspires devotion but Homeopathy does not. Homeopathy has a set of principals but it is not a religion or belief system. In fact the Homeopathic community is comprised of many people from around the world of varied faith or no faith at all. There are some people of faith that accuse Homeopathy of blasphemy, as to them the practice is seen as interfering with God’s work. The activation of an invisible essence that questions all science and known theories can challenge even the broadest mind and some say it leads us into the arena of quantum physics and further controversy.  Therefore, not seemingly to have a viable or recognisable standard of testing other than clinical practice and anecdotal evidence, Homeopathy is left side-lined along with UFO sightings and crop circle enthusiasts. There is much research being undertaken but not notably published it seems. Some argue that Homeopathy is far from a science but the method of observation and reference is essential to the success of prescription. The Homeopath during consultation collates and prioritises information on the mental symptoms as well as the physical in order to find a remedy that matches the individual condition of the patient. The effect of the remedy on the patient is noted, recorded and adjusted accordingly; no faith is needed either by the patient or the practitioner. Other than the accuracy and conscientiousness of the practitioner, there is no ceremony. Homeopathy does not necessitate ritual, whereas witch craft highly embraces it. Homeopathy allows the freedom of natural occurrence; it is the Law of Nature, not the will that is employed. I know a few witches and I know a few Homeopaths; I have affection for both. They have a preference for all things natural but are discerning enough to understand when to appropriate rationale. The lines drawn are very clear to me, it’s just a shame that the detractors of any personal or professional practice strive to ridicule a life choice or vocation of another human being. Godspeed the merry healers whichever path they lead.         T A Ferriss

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Tarot Reading

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