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Welcome to my page. Here, you can learn more about me and my many other passions.

Tracy Ferris Homeopath and Reflexologist
CMA Registered Member
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"After thirteen years of working in local government, I left to pursue my interests in complementary health and art. I had qualified as a Reflexologist in 1995 at the Practitioners School of Reflexology and went onto qualify at the London School of Classical Homeopathy in the year 2000.
I left to practice my therapies at varied clinics around Surrey, Middlesex and South West London. I have worked alongside osteopaths, dentists and other therapists on both side of the reception desk, it really is a healing vocation that I love to be a part of in my daily life.

I am a member of Twickenham Art Circle and love painting, sketching and making collages out of scrap paper. I am keen on conservation and love the challenge of up-cycled art and re-using!!
In 2018, I co-designed a Homeopathic Tarot deck of cards with a friend and wrote a book about how the Homeopathic Tarot came about and how it was designed. It was a thrilling journey and I love talking about the tarot and it's multi faceted attributes.

Once weekly, I provide Reflexology and Homeopathy at a day centre for those with sensory disabilities. I find a combination of both therapies really lift both service users and staff. Every now and then, I provide art therapy at a residential home for those with dementia. It is a joy to bring the smiles and laughter with creativity.

When I am not working, I am pottering in the garden with my pets or visiting ancient sites or places of natural beauty. My dream would be to go on a whale watch in Iceland and open an art gallery one day.

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From Disbelief to Homeopathy

My odd
journey to 

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When I first came across Homeopathy, I was determined to prove it rubbish.

I was incredulous; how can intelligent, sane people believe in this white pill nonsense? They must be weak-willed, gullible or soft in the head! I was furious because I had spent cash on Pulsatilla 30c and it hadn't solved my period pain! I threw the pills in the bin and vowed that if I ever met a Homeopath I would grill them! Years went by and I ignored and avoided anything to do with Homeopathy until a Homeopath came to my workplace. 

She was doing a lunchtime talk for a health promotion day. I sat in the front row with my questions on a piece of paper and when my chance came, I enquired as to why the pills I had bought hadn't worked for my problem. She kindly and patiently explained that Dysmenorrhoea in Homeopathy, is seen as an acute of a chronic condition and that it needed to be addressed with an in-depth consultation before prescription. I understood the necessity of the consultation but I still wasn't convinced of the efficacy of the remedies. I was however, impressed by her professionalism and found her to be reasonable and practical. More years passed by and I found myself one weekend with a painful ear infection. I rang the same Homeopath and told her of my symptoms. She listened to me and asked a few questions and said that she would put something in the post providing I came for a proper consultation in a few days. When the remedy arrived, I nearly fell through the floor - it was Pulsatilla again!! (Only this time in the 200th potency.) So, respecting the contract and trusting her judgement, I took the remedy and promptly fell into a very deep and dreamful sleep. After an hour, I awoke with no pain and I felt more refreshed and also a little hungry. Over the next 24hrs I continued to improve and went for my consultation the following week. I found the Homeopathic consultation reassuring and positive. It felt good to talk about my health, my medical history and my individual symptoms. I was now intrigued and curious about Homeopathy as I had experienced it for myself both in a positive way and also in a negative way. I decided to pop into the Royal Homeopathic Hospital in Great Ormond Street and have a look at their book sale, one Saturday morning. The first book I picked up was the Repertory by J T Kent and it fell open onto a page that I have not forgotten since! Mind; Delusions, Giraffe, Imagines Himself to be: Cannabis-indica I laughed - poor old Cannabis indica - both cursed and exalted! The fact that I had found this as a remedy in a book, smacked to be of rebellion and irony. I was enthralled and mystified! I knew I had to find out more about this subject - how can studying Homeopathy ever be dull? I promptly signed up for the practitioner’s course at the London School of Classical Homeopathy and have never looked back! After seventeen years in practice, Homeopathy is a constant study and it never ceases to fascinate me both in clinic and in professional development. It is used around the world and many doctors, vets, and dentists use it as a complementary form of medicine.

"Homeopathy is a constant study
and it never ceases to fascinate
me both in clinic and in professional development"

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