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Tracy Ferriss LLSCH - Licentiate of the London School of Classical Homeopathy


Homeopathy is the employment of a minute amount of a substance to initiate a healing response within the body.

The aim is to increase immunity and build resistance to disease causing the least disturbance to the organism.

Many people are drawn to Homeopathy as an alternative or complement to conventional medicine.

It is not habit forming and has no side effects.

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine and it has been used successfully for over two hundred years.

It doesn’t just treat one area of the body but it treats the whole person and a full consultation is needed in order to prescribe the most helpful remedy for your well-being.


The Homeopathic consultation is an individual and an in depth, detailed assessment of the patient. Together we investigate health patterns, past health problems and family history.


The Homeopathic consultation is formulated in a reflective way and many clients enjoy having the time to talk and discuss their symptoms. To listen with compassion and conduct the consultation in this way is very important in Homeopathy as it allows many thought processes to surface and be addressed.


The consultation provides a safe and confidential place to talk and an individual recovery program can be suggested to achieve a better sense of well being.


A homeopathic prescription is given at the end of consultation or posted after further research. A follow up is highly recommended to see how the client is progressing. It is often recommended that a patient returns a couple of times for a follow up and then twice a year to maintain health and well being.


All clients must continue to take any medication that has been prescribed to them by their GP's and to maintain a good relationship with their medical providers.


I draw on my my Continued Professional Development over the last twenty years with Homeopathy and other therapies such as nutrition with the British School of Yoga, Tibetan bLa Sound Healing and Transcendental Meditation. Many other healthful practices and disciplines can be discussed, such as yoga, art therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Frequently asked questions

Does it work?

Yes it certainly does, many well-known people have used it successfully including Jude Law, Roger Daltrey and Jennifer Aniston.


How long does the remedy take to work?

The remedy gets to work immediately, however the curative process varies from person to person and remedy to remedy.


How long does it take to get better?

Again, each person varies in response to a remedy. An acute illness may take hours or days but a long standing complaint may take months.


Will I get worse before I get better?

Not necessarily. Everyone reacts differently and in their own individual way. The remedy often has an action where the body will create a discharge such as a rash, runny nose, weepiness or a strange dream. This is a good sign as it indicates that the remedy is working. Symptoms such as these would be fleeting and not troublesome. If you experience any changes or have concerns, do contact your homeopath.

Will I need a follow up?

Yes, after the initial consultation, the first follow up is very important to ascertain how the treatment is progressing and whether a further prescription is necessary. Sometimes the first remedy acts like a compass to point you in the direction of the following remedy. Follow ups are an ideal way to monitor your case. As your health improves they are needed less often but a regular seasonal or annual appointment can be of great benefit to your health.


What are the remedies made of?

A remedy can be made out of anything but most commonly, plants, metals, elements and compounds from the periodic table. Some remedies are from animal products but if above the 30th potency contain no actual molecule of the substance. If you are Vegan, treatment can be adapted to suit your request.


Can I have peppermint and coffee?

Some remedies are affected by strong flavours and processed coffee. Ask the Homeopath at time of prescription.

How do the remedies work?

Homeopathy is a phenomenon that has not yet been explained scientifically but much research is currently being undertaken.

The aim of Homeopathy is to allow the body to heal itself by initiating a gentle, cellular, immune response by the prescription of “potentised” remedies. The prescription is made in accordance to the Homeopathic principles of cure and the Law of Nature.

One does not have to believe in anything for Homeopathy to work. Many doctors, vets and dentists around the world use Homeopathy successfully and there are Homeopathic hospitals here in the UK.

Do I still need to take my other medicines?

If you have been prescribed treatment or medicine from your doctor or medical practitioner, you must continue to take it. It is also wise to inform them that you are seeing a Homeopath. It may be possible to work out an integrated recovery program with your GP and complementary practitioner.



Homeopathy and Reflexology treatments are available at:
Crossroads Pharmacy,
334 Staines Road, Twickenham TW2 5AT
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